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I want to work on this giant piece of writing for Anthony for our 2 year anniversary and Christmas. I’m trying to think of all of the things that we’ve been together but how in the world do I put 10 years of knowing each other into words? Especially these last few years when everything has changed. Starting dating 3 days before he goes to bootcamp, rekindling our relationship through countless letters. Going 8 months without seeing each other only to get married later on that year after only 4 weeks of actually seeing each other. The butterflies I get when he texts me he’s on his way home. How I feel when I see him step off the bus after deployment is over.. There are so many words I want to say and I don’t know how to say it. I just hope I can figure it out in the next couple of months. And if anyone has a way with words and could put my jumbled mess of tongue tied and weak knee memories into very nice sentences please let me know.

I generally do not care if you cancel plans with me but please please PLEASE do not even tell me and make me sit around on my ass like a fucking idiot.

this school is so dumb.

i have a refund check. they sent the refund check to the wrong address. i told them it never showed up and to please send another. they canceled check #1 and said they sent another. they asked if they should cancel check #2 and i said no. They then asked if check #1 was found / ever showed up and if i was just going to cash it or deposit it.

If check #1 showed up in the first place I would have cashed it or deposited it a long time ago. I’m not just going to let money sit around??? 

2 year wedding anniversary is creeping up on us! ♥


summer ‘14